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Improvaganza Workshops and Special Events will happen Saturday, Oct. 5 and Sunday, Oct 6 at Kumu Kahua Theatre (46 Merchant Street, Honolulu). Click the links below to register for these Workshops.
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Saturday Workshops

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with Graham Downing

Description: Through a series of exercises, games, readings and more we explore how the mistakes (or what we see as mistakes) in our improv are really the best gifts we have to work with. This workshop aims to demystify the idea that there is a right or wrong way to improvise. Don’t spend your whole scene fearfully running away from failure - dive into that pool and let it clean you. Lose the game of tug-of-war: it doesn’t matter; the rope was a greased-up snake the whole time.

Instructor's Bio: Graham Downing is a Seattle-based improviser who has been performing all over North America since 2005. He’s had the absolute pleasure of performing at such festivals as Improvaganza!, Impride, SFIT, CIF, SFIF, VIF and more! He thinks improv is the most absolutely beautiful thing in the world and loves sharing that feeling with audiences and students alike. One time he was on the Gong Show and lost. When not improvising he’s a painter and meditator.

Start Time 10:00 AM


with Ben Jones

Description: What to do when you don’t know what to do? Explore,  Discover, and have Fun!
Should you explore, or can you come out on stage with a thought, an idea, an object, etc.?
What happens when you discover… is the scene better? ...Hummm? … or …
What happens when you just walk out determined to LISTEN and add to your scene partners’ reality with really nothing in your mind but the YES  …
Are There are no bad initiations: We will Explore scene work through the lens of
POV (points of view)
Discovery in scene work: As we build a scene brick by brick.

Instructor's Bio: Ben Jones was one of the first ever to try a totally improvised solo show and has been acting coaching and teaching for over 25 years. He has performed Just ben across the U.S.A., from the Chicago Improv Festival to Los Angeles, San Diego, Detroit, and several venues in New York.

Start Time 12:30 PM
Dart Sit Headshot.jpg


with Dartanion London


Do you want to create characters you love so much you’d use them for an entire show... or career? Characters so strong that improvising with them becomes addictively fun? Then this class is for you.

We’ll go through techniques to help you spontaneously generate characters with different physical, vocal, and emotional centers. You’ll cycle through them effortlessly until you find one you can’t wait to play with.

All characters created in this workshop are FREE for you to keep and use for the rest of your life!

Instructor's Bio: Dartanion is a comedian who is really named that, and has performed both standup and improv comedy across the country at theaters, clubs, and festivals. He's been a mainstage cast member at Jet City Improv in Seattle, The Upfront Theatre in Bellingham, and trained at Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. He has produced comedy videos, posts, and memes that have collectively received over a hundred million views.

Start Time 2:30 PM

Sunday Special Event



with Shaun Landry


Improvisation is a skill every Los Angeles and New York production looks for on your professional resume.  From Commedia to Brecht to Mamet to Christopher Guest, improvisation has been used throughout theater history to expand character development, generate ensemble connection and creation, and is a tool to help the professional actor be present onstage and be able to approach any stage situation.  Shaun Landry teaches these skills to the professional actor and writer to expand their toolbox not only for improvisation performance but for highlighting and developing classic and new work theater. Ms. Landry will also be focusing on tools for creating and maintaining a safe, professional rehearsal and class environment.

This special event with Shaun Landry is created for the theatre and improvisation community, and offered at $25.

Instructor's Bio: Shaun Landry is an actor in Los Angeles who both performs and teaches improv and scripted theatre. She has received recognition from numerous newspaper, television, radio, and theater establishments on her work in improvisation.

1:00 to 3:00 PM