A Bard's Tale

Auckland - New Zealand


Covert Players From Auckland New Zealand come to Hawaii to perform "A Bard's Tale" an improvised play in the style of Shakespeare. Covert Players was established in 2001 and is New Zealand's premium improv theatre company. 

The Alohahas

An entry for the Improv Directors Initiative (i.D.i)

Big Island Kailua-Kona , HI

This year we are revealing the first ever Improv Directors Initiative  or (i.D.i) an initiative that gives an opportunity for new improv directors to create an original work  and present it at Improvaganza. This year we have asked Roxanne Fox and her improv group the Alohaha's from The Big Island of Kona to create a new show for Improvaganza. Follow us on our social media to get more info about the creation of the show.


Portland, OR

Playing as a duo, B&B focus on what they know best: relationships. In their Revolver format, an audience suggestion inspires a story from Bill & Betse's 29 years of marriage, told from their combined point of view. This story, in turn, inspires tightly integrated scenes in which B&B steal each other's characters after they have been established.

Conspiracy by 4&20 Improv

Seattle, WA


Conspiracy!  It’s the 1970s, and something is very wrong. Shadow corporations! Rogue government agents! Foreign actors! Enter the unsettling world of Conspiracy... This unscripted play will take you on a journey through small towns turned bad, illegal laboratories, secret societies and all the way to the top: to a place where truth is a luxury that only the powerful can afford!! Who's pulling the strings? Who's watching who? How far does the conspiracy go? And is anyone safe?

The Cotton Gin

Seattle, WA


"Avenue Q" meets improv comedy in this adult puppet show. Where do puppets hang out after their day jobs? Well, after singing songs and dancing at the children's theater, they head down to their local watering hole and pull up a bar stool. And when the Cotton Gin gets a little rowdy, marionettes and sock puppets alike bust out with bawdy songs and jokes. Come join the fun with the puppet regulars at "The Cotton Gin"

Inner Voices 

An entry for the Improv Directors Initiative (i.D.i)

Honolulu, HI

This new form, explores the similarities and differences in the way people express their deepest fears and desires. Utilizing the Enneagram personality type system for characterization, we’ll take a journey into our two characters’ minds and listen in on their most intimate inner voices. The form culminates with a final scene in which our two characters meet in real-time. 

Free Range Comedy

Kihei-Maui , HI

Maui's Finest improvisers come back to Improvaganza to represent the local improv community in Kihei Maui. Free Range Comedy, thinks outside the fence to bring you short form that is raw, unfiltered,and clucking good time.


Honolulu, HI

Hawaii's longest running improv troupe and host of the Improvaganza Hawaii Festival On The Spot remounts their critically acclaimed, live-action, 1920s improvised, silent movie "Hush."Set in the style of the biggest silent movie stars of classic Hollywood, "Hush" captures all the drama and nostalgia of the silent movie era, with strong characters, physical comedy and live musical accompaniment. 

I Love Musicals by B.A.B.E

Portland, OR

Portland's B.A.B.E Impro from Portland perform their improvised musical I Love Musicals: a 1950's sitcom loosely inspired by the beloved television classic: I Love Lucy.  Each show presents the audience with the opportunity to inspire with a title for the episode. I Love Musicals is just the right mix of nostalgia, song, charm and laughter!  


Auckland, New Zealand

A high-energy free-form improv show from NZ's most successful improv troupe. Over the 21 years they've been together they've won international awards, performed with the stars of Whose Line Is It Anyway and delighted audiences around the world with their delightful comedy. 

Liss 'N Sams

San Francisco, CA


From a single suggestion, Second City Alum Joe Liss and Moment Improv Theatre (SF) Founder, Marcus Sams perform action-packed improv with seamless transitions that run down the rabbit hole ahead of the White Rabbit. Prepare for whiplash as Joe’s “Follow-the-Follower” mantra meets Marcus’ “Anything-is-Everything” philosophy. Their connection is electrifying as they weave a tapestry of scenes and characters together that keep audiences coming back for more. Ron West of Whose Line is it Anyway said, “Liss n’ Sams made me laugh… and I don’t laugh at improv anymore.”

Loose Screws

Honolulu, Hawaii

Loose Screws is Hawaii's most influential improv group. Established over 20 years ago, They helped create Hawaii's local improv scene and pioneered Hawaii's Unique improv style with their cultural and theatrical emphasis. In 2006 they won the prestigious compass players innovation in improv award at the Chicago Improv Festival and this year they will be awarded the Improvaganza Legacy Award 

The New Messrs: Harry Potter Improv

Honolulu, Hi


The New Messrs is an improv show inspired by JK Rowling's Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  In this show the cast form a secret group of Hogwarts Students who play with dark magic. This Fan Fiction improvised play is a "Teen Drama" rooted in the mythos of  the Wizarding World.  If you liked the Teen angst books of Harry Potter in his 4th, 5th and 6th years then you will love the New Messrs. 

Peach Pit

San Francisco, CA

Peach Pit developed this form in the wake of the 2016 presidential election and inspired by the proliferation of fake and pseudo news.In the land of fake news, the bullshit artist is queen. Join Peach Pit as they stretch, bend, and possibly tear the fabric of reality. The show starts with a shocking, clickbait-worthy headline and unravels the ever-evolving truth from there, by exploring multiple and sometimes contradicting perspectives.

Role For It! 

An entry for the Improv Directors Initiative (i.D.i)

Honolulu, HI

s a part of the improv Director Initative or (i.D.i) This theatrical improv performance created by a party of people that love playing Dungeons & Dragons, Role For It is a fantasy-inspired show. A party of five budding adventurers will embark on a quest, and a series of dice rolls by you, the audience, will decide if they succeed or fail! Featuring familiar monsters, puzzling riddles, and the occasional mimic or goblin, this University of Hawaii based team is ready for an adventure!  i.D.i. Director Michael Donato

USS Improvised: The Next Generation, The Musical 

Portland, OR

The crew of the USS Improvise bring to life the characters from the classic (and arguably, best) Star Trek series: Star Trek: The Next Generation in a never before seen episode.  What mission does this plucky crew set forth into strange new worlds with?  How does this universally diverse crew solve the problems of the cosmos?  Oh, and did we mention it is a musical?!

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