October 3 - 6

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Mahalo Nui Loa, Thank You for a Wonderful Festival 

October 21, 2018

Aloha Everyone, On behalf of all the staff of the Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv, we would like to thank all of our performing contributors, our guest improv instructors, our festival sponsors, "Smith & King, 'Otoole's Pup, Makers Space, The Armchair Adventurer, Open Space Hawai'i, and Kumu Kahua Theatre,"  and to everyone who came out to our festival to watch shows, take classes . We would also like to thank our Festival Affiliates Improvation Productions., Aloha Nerd and Geek,  and HiREZ Media for all the documenting and sharing it with the public.  For More Photo's check out our  Photo Archives Page 


October 7, 2018

As we close our 13th annual Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv. we end it with a BIG BANG! Like every year we gather all our contributing performers and throw them into our annual MASH UP.  A jam session we where we randomly throw our performers in group where they have 10 minutes to create something and 10 minutes to performing.  For more Photo's Check out our Festival Photo Archives page. Photo's Courtesy of HiREZ Media. 

Day 3, Bangarang, Musicals, and Genre improv Showcase

October 6, 2018

Its Day 3 of the Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv and tonight we focus on The Saturday Bangarang Showcase ( Feat...Liss 'N Sams, Role For IT!, & The Alohahas) The Musical Improv Showcase (feat... B.A.B.E and Cotton Gin) and Genre Improv Showcase (Hush, 4&20's Conspiracy, and A Bards Tale.)  For More photo's Check out Photo Archives Page Photo's Courtesy of HiREZ Media. 

Day 2, Locals Only, Gerne Prov, and The Get Down

October 5, 2018

The Festival is in full swing with its Friday Night Showcases, featuring Local Only Showcase (Feat... Loose Screws, Free Range Comedy, and Inner Voices), Geeky Improv Showcase (New Messrs and USS Improvise: The Next Generation), and the Friday Night Get Down. (B&B, Peach Pitt, and Improv Bandits.) For more Photo's Check out our Festival Photo Archives. Photo's Courtesy of HiREZ Media. 

Day 1 of Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of improv

October 4, 2018

An amazing turn out at Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of improv Opening Night Ceremony.  With three amazing acts ( Peach Pit, Liss 'N Sams, and Improv Bandits ) and This year's Legacy Awards recipients Loose Screws, tonight's Opening Night Performances was phenomenal. Check out more photos go to our festival Photo Archives for more photo. Photos courtesy of HiREZ Media.

Improv Direction Initiative

Phase II

September 25, 2018

Aloha Everyone, two months ago we announced the creation of a new project for the festival called the "Improv Director Initiative" or (i.D.i) A project where Local Improvisers we're asked to  Create and Direct a new improv show exclusively.  Well, today we would like to announce phase two of our (i.D.i.) which gives you a look at the show they they are creating.  loha Everyone,  with the new direction Improvagnza we are thrilled to announce that two of Hawaii's finest improvisers Michael Donato and his team of improvisers will be performing their Dungeon and Dragons inspired improv show called Roll For It!.  James Duggins  and his improviser Diane Kim, Diana Wan explores the similarities and differences in the way people express their deepest fears and desires in this Dramatic Improv show called Inner Voices.

Stay tuned for more updates.  

Inner Voices
Improv Director: James Duggins
Inner Voices
Improv Director: Michael Donato

Improvaganza Updates

Aug 22, 2018

Aloha everyone, we are about a month away until our festival begins. So today we're happy to announce our guest improv instructors for this year's Improvaganza workshops.

Joining us will be Eric Nepom and Aden Nepom from Portland who will be teaching a musical improv workshop called CAVALCADE OF CHARACTERIZATION. Eric and Aden will also be in two musical shows at this year’s festival; “I Love Musicals” and “U.S.S. Improvised: Star Trek the Next Generation Musical.” 

Also, from Portland, will be Betse Green who will be teaching an improv workshop designed to pump up your skill on stage called PLAYING WITH HEART. Betse, a veteran improviser, will also be in two shows at Improvaganza, first in “BnB” with Bill Green, second with Eric and Aden Nepom in “I Love Musicals”. 

Finally, Joe Liss from San Francisco will be teaching an improv workshop on developing sustaining characters called CREATING CHARACTER NOT CARICATURE. You might recognize him from his work on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and in "Strangers with Candy." His film work includes "Home Alone 2" and "Wayne's World 2."  Joe has also written for 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Drawn Together, Kick Buttowski, and Spaceballs the Animated Series. Joe will be performing at Improvaganza with his partner Marcus Sams as they present their innovative duo show “Liss N Sams”. 


With open arms and Aloha, we are thrilled to welcome all 4 of our guest instructors at this year's Improvaganza. Visit our workshop page to get more info and check-out our VIP passes and kits page to purchase All Access VIP Passes, T-shirts, and KITS with discounts to workshops etc…

Eric Nepom & Aden Nepom
Betse Green
Joe Liss

Improvaganza Updates

Aug 6, 2018

Aloha Everyone! we are pleased to announce our schedule of performances for improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv. Each block of improv performances have a particular theme. Opening Night Ceremony is on Thursday Oct 4th. Locals Only Improv, Geeky Improv, and the Friday Night Get Down is  on Friday Oct 5. Saturday Night Bangarang Improv, Musical Improv, and Genre Improv is on Saturday Oct 6. Mash up and Closing night Ceremony is on Sunday Oct 7. Remember all of this is happening at Kumu Kahua Theatre as a part of its dark nights series. Just click on the Button to see who will be performing in those improv blocks.

Cotton Gin - Seattle WA
will be a part of the Musical Improv Block
on Saturday Oct 5

Improvaganza Updates

Aug 1, 2018

Aloha Everyone! we are pleased to introduce 4 more acts to this year’s Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv. Returning to Improvaganza from the Big Island - Kona is The Alohahas who will be participating in this year’s new Improv Directors Initiative or (i.D.i) Roxanne Fox will be the coordinating Director for the Alohahas and we are excited to see what they will premiere at our festival.  Also returning to the stage is the Harry Potter theme improv show The New Messrs, inspired by The Wizarding World, with a little Teen Angst, and Dark Arts, this Potter-Prov show will be magical and a part of the Geek Improv Block. The cross-rep duo Drop The Mix from Honolulu and Las Vegas will improvise a free form Hip Hop, Electronic, and Rock musical using two mics and the Electronic Board Game DropMix. 

Finally, this year we will honor Hawaii's most influential improv group Loose Screws with the Improvaganza Legacy Award. Established over 20 years ago, Loose Screws was the pioneers of Hawaii’s Local Improv Scene and the corner stone of all of Hawaii’s unique improv style. A unique style that was recognize as Innovation in Improv award at the Chicago Improv Festival. This year Loose Screws will be returning to the stage to perform at our festival

A Full Schedule of will be posted on Aug the 6. Please Follow us on Instagram and other social media. 

Loose Screw
2018 Legacy Award Honoree
The New Messrs: Harry Potter Improv
Honolulu, HI
The Alohahs
Kona, HI

New Improv Direction

June 20, 2018

Aloha Everyone,  with the new direction Improvagnza we are thrilled to announce that two of Hawaii's finest improvisers Michael Donato and James Duggins  will be directing two new improv shows to premiere at this year's festival. Both directors will feature local improvisers performing a unique show.  As the festival gets closer we will keep you up to date at how both shows are coming along.  

We are also thrilled to announce that Free Range Comedy will return to the Improvaganza to represent the local improv community of Kihei Maui.  They are a fast, fierce, and funny short form improv troupe and this will be the groups 3rd appearance at our festival.


Stay tuned for more updates.  

Local Improv Directors
Micheal Donato   & James Duggins 
Free Range Comedy
Kihei Maui, Hawaii


May 27, 2018

Today we would like to announce two more acts added to this years Improvaganza.  the First is Liss 'n Sams From San Francisco. This amazing duo features Second City Alum Joe Liss and Moment Improv Theatre (SF) Founder, Marcus Sams. These two performers are know for the fantastic chemistry and action packed improv style.


The second team joining is  USS Improvised: The Next Generation,  The Musical From Portland.  

This show is totally an improvised musical set as a never before seen episode of Star Trek Series Star Trek the Next generation. with full costumes and live musician and special hour long performance. Needless to say this show will boldly go where no one has gone be for 

Stay tuned as more acts will be added to our list of performer on June 15 

San Francisco, CA 
Portland, OR

2018 Performers 

April 16, 2018

Today we are proud to announce our first wave of invitational performers for this year's Improvaganza Hawaii Festival Improv. It is with great Aloha to Welcome  2 teams from Auckland New Zealand, "The Improv Bandits" and "Covert Players". With their phenomenal improv style "The Improv bandits" have performed at our festival 4 times.  The other group from New Zealand is the "Covert Players" who will be performing their improvised Shakespeare play (A Bard's Tale.)


From Portland Oregon we welcome the Amazing Duo of "B&B" (Betse and Bill) and 1950's improvised musical show "I Love Musicals" by B.A.B.E".  Another Improvised Musical is Added to our performers line up with improv puppet troop  "The Cotton Gin" from Seattle Washington. Also From Seattle is we welcome a riveting improv drama by 4&20 Improv "Conspiracy" 


Returning for a follow up performance from their performance at last year improvaganza is the powerful ladies of improv "Peach Pit" From San Francisco California. We are also pleased to have the Return of Megalou from New York City.  Megalou's last performance at our festival was in 2010 and many fans of the duo show are eager to see them again. 

The Host team On The Spot Improv will be performing their touring and critically acclaimed improv silent movie improv show Hush.  

We will be adding more performers to this years list in the next few weeks but we are thrilled to announce these 9 teams. If you would like a description of these performers click the Performers button. 

Auckland - New Zealand
Seattle, WA
New York, NY

Kumu Kahua Theatre 

August 22, 2019

Kumu Kahua Theatre is a proud sponsor of our Hawaii Festival of Improv. As a part of Kumu Kahua Theatre's Dark Night Series, this historic building will host all of our shows and workshops. Click the Button and learn more about Kumu Kahua Theatre.

© Kumu Kahua Theatre presents Improvaganza as a part of its Dark Nights Series

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