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October 3 - 6

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ALOHA!  Welcome to Improvaganza! 2019!

October 3, 2019

Aloha Friends!


Welcome to the 14th annual Improvaganza! Hawaiʻi Festival of Improv! This year we have gathered 13 groups from across the U.S. to take part in this four-day celebration of improvisation in all its diverse expressions. Throughout the festival we strive to cultivate Hawaiʻi’s local improv community by showcasing local and mainland improvisers while providing opportunities for them to network. The festival also strives to raise the profile of the improvisation artform by introducing audiences to entertaining, stimulating, and thought-provoking performances, and providing performers and theater-goers alike a chance to build and learn improv skills in festival-sponsored workshops. 


We are approaching the festival as a theatre conference/symposium in hopes to connect our performers, inspire each other, exchange ideas, and collaborate on future shows. Because of this we have scheduled a few summit events to encourage open discussions that are exclusive to performers. However, all of our public performances and workshops are designed to spark conversations with our audience. We encourage you, the audience member, to share your aloha and talk with our guest performers, our staff, and other audience members about your festival experience. Good talks inspire everyone. 


Every year we honor those who have helped shape Hawaiʻi’s improv scene. This year we are honoring three individuals with the Improvaganza! Hawaiʻi Festival of Improv Legacy Award.  


Super Mega Art Show returns to Improvaganza! for the sixth time this year. Improvisers Dartanion London and Graham Downing star as deeply pretentious foreign artists Hanz and Hieman who make art out of everything they discover over the course of their performance.  London and Downing first brought this unique and hilarious show to Hawaiʻi in 2010 for the fifth Improvaganza! and made an immediate impact on our local improv scene with their strong commitment to character, anarchic approach to improv, and positive, joyful attitude both onstage and off. They continue to be one of the most requested acts at our festival and we are delighted to have them back.


Garrick Paikai is the heart and soul of Improvaganza! He founded this festival over ten years ago, and has been running it – pretty much by himself – every year since. He is driven by a passion to inspire others to love improv as much as he does, and to use improvisation to form meaningful connections with each other and grow artistic communities. Many of us know Garrick as a dear friend, a fellow performer who always has your back and adds to scenes in the most interesting of ways, an improvisation teacher and coach, and a person who dreams big and then works to make it happen. If it were not for Garrick, there would be no Improvaganza! Garrick was resistant to accepting a Legacy Award; for him, the energy he gives to this festival and to improvisation is just how he does life. We are glad he acquiesced.  


Finally, we would like to thank Kumu Kahua Theatre, which has sponsored us as the venue for this year’s festival. Without the help of their managing director Donna Blanchard and their artistic director Harry Wong III, we would not be having this year’s festival. 


In parting, we hope you enjoy the festival. Mahalo nui loa, aloha kākou.


Improvaganza! Staff


Our Sponsors: Kumu Kahua Theatre; HiRez Media; Wayne Ward Actors Studio, a division of Hana Hou Creatives, LLC; and Legacy Awards by Ross Mukai ( 


We would also like to thank the following individuals and affiliates: Reb Allen, Sarah Bauer, Donna Blanchard, Robb Bonnell, Rod Cachola, Stephanie Conching, Sharon Garcia Doyle, Kaipo Dudoit, Serina Dunham, Chris Howard, Kala Jamile, Patrick Karjala, Stephanie Kong, Andrew Lum, Renato Ordonez, S. “Jet” Pak, Jonathan Fenix Saavedra, Nicole Tessier, Matt Toyama, Trissa and Ken Walter, Iris Wilhelm-Norseth, Harry Wong III.

Sunday Special Event with Shaun Landry!

September 23, 2019

Shaun Landry will be teaching IMPROVISATION FOR THE PROFESSIONAL ACTOR created specifically for the theatre and improvisation community on Sunday, Oct. 6 from 1 - 3 p.m.

Improvisation is a skill every Los Angeles and New York production looks for on your professional resume. From Commedia to Brecht to Mamet to Christopher Guest, improvisation has been used throughout theater history to expand character development, generate ensemble connection and creation, and is a tool to help the professional actor be present onstage and be able to approach any stage situation. Shaun Landry teaches these skills to the professional actor and writer to expand their toolbox not only for improvisation performance but for highlighting and developing classic and new work theater. Ms. Landry will also be focusing on tools for creating and maintaining a safe, professional rehearsal and class environment.

See Workshops for more information and to sign up! IMPROVISATION FOR THE PROFESSIONAL ACTOR is being offered at $25 to encourage members of the theatre community to take advantage of this special event.

Improvaganza 2019 Individual Ticket Sales are LIVE!

September 22, 2019

You can now purchase tickets for individual show blocks - check out the Schedule & Tickets page! As ever, if you’re planning to see several show blocks, consider going with a VIP Pass as it will give you access to all shows and after-parties!

Improvaganza 2019 Workshops and Kits Available!

September 5, 2019

VIP Passes, Kits, and Workshops are available now for purchase! If you’re planning to see shows on all three nights (and why wouldn’t you?) or take workshops and see shows, check out VIP PASSES & KITS for savings. 


Our Saturday improvisation workshops are also up! 


Learn how mistakes in improv are the best gifts we have to work with with Graham Downing in DUMBING UP; ride that exhilarating discovery train with Ben Jones as he leads you through what do to if you don’t know what to do - discovery in scene work in WHAT IF?; and create characters you love so much you’ll return to them again and again with Dartanion London in LIMITLESS CHARACTER. 


Workshops are also available in Workshop Kits that include a VIP Pass, as individual workshops, or as sets of multiple workshops.

Improvaganza 2019 Festival Updates!

August 24, 2019

The 2019 Improvaganza! Hawaiʻi Festival of Improv lineup is here in our updated Performers page! Check out the groups that will be performing improvisational comedy and theatre in this year’s festival from October 3 – 6 at Kumu Kahua Theatre.

Kumu Kahua Theatre 

August 22, 2019

Kumu Kahua Theatre is a proud sponsor of our Hawaii Festival of Improv. As a part of Kumu Kahua Theatre's Dark Night Series, this historic building will host all of our shows and workshops. Click the Button and learn more about Kumu Kahua Theatre.

Improvaganza! 2020 Update

July 9, 2020

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation and because of our commitment to maintain a safe, healthy environment for our Improvaganza ʻOhana, we are postponing Improvaganza! 15 until the fall of 2021. We look forward to hosting guests from around the world again as soon as it is safe to do so. Stay healthy, and we can't wait to see you in 2021!